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Research & Development of Advanced Technologies in the spectrum of Power Efficiencies and Renewable Energy and Economically Commercialising to attain attractive payback.


Save 50% to 75% on energy costs Superior performance day and night Longer Product life Helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions Eliminates Hazards Eliminates conventional fuel Boiler Cost No electric heating elements Products once purchased is used for all season

Innovative Product

JAL :- Multi Utility Generator (A&WtW) JUGGAD Domestic, Commercial DEW Hot water Generator with water cooler (AtW) DROPLET POOL HEATING and Cooling SYSTEM + Meltwater Hybrid Ac HYBRID Cooling and Dehumidifier Paani Desuperheater, Water Coolers and Evaporating Condensers Full Condenser, Desuperheater, Water Coolers

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Heat pump / Multi utility Generator Super and Waste Heat Recovery Solar MUG