Air to Water Heat Pump?

What is Air to Water Heat Pump?

  • Heat Pump is a device which extracts heat from air and transfer heat for heating water. Main components of heat pump are
    1. Evaporator
    2. compressor.
    3. Condenser.
    4. Expansion valve.
    5. Fan
Heat pump Schematic
Heat pump Schematic
  • Fan - Ambient air flows through Evaporator coil and is sucked by axial fan. Evaporator coil is protected buy filter against dust. Fan is with protection grill. Outgoing air is cooler by 3to 50C than incoming ambient air.
  • Evaporator coil- It is made of copper tubes with aluminum fins. Refrigerant in liquid form flows through this coil. Refrigerant gets heat from air to get converted to gas form.
  • Compressor – Gas is compressed buy compressor to elevate temperature and pressure.
  • Condenser – It is nothing but insulated tube to tube heat exchanger made of copper tubes with S.S.304 casing. Provision is made for gas as well as water connections. Heated gas passes through one tube while water passes through the adjacent tube in opposite direction. Water gets instantly heated. In normal design difference in temperature is 300C. Water gets heated from 250C to 550C.Refrigerant gas is condensed and goes to liquid form at same pressure as discharged by compressor
  • Expansion Valve This device causes sudden pressure drop in liquid refrigerant. In turn liquid temperature drops to temperature below that of ambient air. It is ready to receive heat from air. Thus gas cycle gets completed.

* There is no conversion of electrical energy to heat energy. Electricity is used only to transfer heat .

Installation In A Hostel
Heat pump Assisted Solar System

List Of Clients :

  • College of Engineering Pune Girls hostel.
  • Manipal University Jaipur.
  • D.Y.Patil Polytechnic
  • Hotel Hilton Mt. Abu. Rajasthan.
  • Hotel Silver Oak Mt. Abu Rajasthan.
  • Nasik Club Nasik.
  • Adhik resorts Talegaon Dist. Pune
  • Hotel Suvi Palace vasai Mumbai.

List Of Clients :

  • Godrej industries Ltd Walia .Ankleshwar
  • Glaxo smith kline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Quester capsules dindori Dist. Nasik.
  • Vipasana center Igatpuri. Maharashtra
  • Vipasana center Harayana.
  • Civil Hospital Thane. Maharashtra.
  • The Chalets Naldehra Dist Simla H.P.
  • Hotel Park Bangluru.
Model no. DEW_PAtW/15Z30 DEW_PAtW/25Z30 DEW_PAtW/30Z30 DEW_PAtW/40Z30
Heating Capacity          
kW 15.4 24 28 39
POWER CONSUMPTION kW 3.85 6 7 9.75
COP with ΔT of 30°C. coph 4 4 4 4
Instant and Rated Hot Water Output Rise in Temperature °C 30 30 30 30
l/h 440 690 800 1120
Compressor Type Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll 1+1
Refrigerant R407C R407C R407C R407C
Fan Quantity 1 1 2 2
Power input/W 90 160 250 250
Noise in 1 meter distance dB ≤54dB(A) ≤54dB(A) ≤59dB(A) ≤62dB(A)
Dimension mm 1260/680/1430 1570/840/1050 1450/750/1375 1450/750/1375
Net weight kg 178 359 397 494
Model no. DEW_PAtW/50Z30 DEW_PAtW/60Z30 DEW_PAtW/80Z30 DEW_PAtW/100Z30
Heating Capacity          
kW 48 57 78 97
POWER CONSUMPTION kW 12 15.23 18.85 24.25
COP with ΔT of 30°C. coph 4 4 4 4
Instant and Rated Hot Water Output Rise in Temperature °C 30 30 30 30
I/h 1380 1640 2240 2780
Compressor Type Scroll 1+1Scroll 1+1Scroll 1+1Scroll 1+1
Refrigerant R407C R407C R407C R407C
Fan Quantity 2222
Power input/W 750 750 750 750
Noise in 1 meter distance dB ≤62dB(A) ≤68dB(A) ≤68dB(A) ≤68dB(A)
Dimension mm 1990/980/2045 1990/980/2045 1990/980/2046 2100/1020/2047
Net weight kg 520 552 586 630